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Is GetEssayToday legit? This question popped up on our dashboard a while back, and checked them out – you'll be able to find more details in our GetEssayToday review, so let's get straight to it.

Well, to be perfectly honest, we thought they're scammers. Their main page didn't look too appealing at first. Nevertheless, after placing an order we were positively amazed that their supports are not bots, rather they're a pleasant bunch. The pricing is fair, and high-quality paper came within the deadline.

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Is GetEssayToday Reliable?

The money back guarantee at GetEssayToday is quite detailed and thorough – there are only three highlighted sections below which you can see the definition of each possible case in which money back guarantee will take action. Of course, it goes without saying that you'll get all your money back if you've actually paid twice for the same thing.

If the team leaders failed to find a "particular writer", you're entitled to 100% refund, which is only fair. Of course, that would also mean that your order is cancelled.

In the case that your order was assigned to an appropriate writer but you wish to cancel it for some reason, you're entitled to a different percentage of refund depending on how much time has passed. If the "half" of the deadline has not yet passed, you'll get up to 70%, whereas if it has, you can get up to 50%.

The revision policy of GetEssayToday is found and absorbed within the "money back guarantee" as one of its separate sections. Most people never read the "terms and conditions", and it's at the very bottom if it interests you.

In a nutshell, there are several cases where you can revise your article and still get some of your money back. For instance, if your order isn't formatted properly, you can get back 10% of your money back.

You'll have to believe on this one – there are so little online reviews about GetEssayToday that it's pretty hard to see how good they are unless you make an actual order. However, if you do happen to employ the use of their services, we can personally guarantee that you'll be satisfied.

The writers that work at GetEssayToday are professionals before all else, and we've had the luck of having an English native writer do our paper. We don't know if they even hire ESL writers (or those with a lesser degree in English), but they're really worth the price.

Editor's Verdict About GetEssayToday

Let's take all things in consideration – GetEssayToday offers premium-quality writers, their supports are both active and friendly, the content they provide is impeccable, and we daresay that we haven't found any negative reviews about them. So, if you ask, they're totally legit.