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People have started asking questions regarding EssayAssist essay writing company, and one of the most popular is "Is EssayAssist" legit? We don't want to drown you with unnecessary details right off the bat, so let us just say this – we find them as reliable and dependable. If you don't take us up on our word, feel free to check out this EssayAssist review.

If you asked are they any good, we'd answer it as easily as we will answer the question "are they reliable?". Basically, their online reputation is shining bright, and the vast majority of their customers have reported that they would employ their services again.

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  • Phone: +1 (888) 589-7778
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  • Price: $9
  • Discount: 10%
  • Deadline: 8 hours
  • Payment: Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express, PayPal

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  • Client Happiness:
    95% positive reviews
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Is EssayAssist Reliable?

One of the best things about the money back (or refund) policy of EassayAssist is that there are numerous points and situations which guarantee you 100% refund. Such are the cases if you are charged twice, if they fail to find a suitable expert for the actual assignment, and certain cases when the deadline is breached.

Other cases result in partial refunds, such as the case if they don't have an expert which will revise your paper.

The rest of the points define the cases where a team of experts will perform an investigation before you'll get the know how much of the cash you'll get refunded – plagiarised content, low-quality paper, and such. It takes up to ten days for refund to take place.

The revision policy is quite plain, but it's laden with numerous points which represent a set of not-so-plain rules. The basic concept is that if you want a revision, it needs to be in accord to the original instructions, or you'll have to pay up extra.

You can check out all the points of EssayAssist revision policy here, but in general, the terms and conditions are fair and quite standardized.

EssayAssist excel in their work, and it's easy to conclude that the majority of them are either English native or ESL writers. That's also one of the main reasons why people seem to like EssayAssist so much.

Nearly all online reviews of this essay writing company are incredibly positive, and the feedback points out to professional, considerate writers – again, that's just one of the things that made our team conclude that their writers are so good.

That might not mean much to you, but what if we told you that EssayAssist "testimonials" are scattered across the web and are found on numerous platforms? TrustPilot, for one, features over 40 well-written reviews where people explain in detail why EssayAssist guys are reliable.

Editor's Verdict About EssayAssist

Wrapping it up, EssayAssist is legit. These guys have made a wonderful job with their little company – they're quite cheap, their writers are professional and awesome as people, and there are no shady business regarding the refunds or revisions.

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