Are Essay Writing Services Safe?

It’s no secret that many students encounter problems with writing paper assignments. This is why getting the help of essay writing services becomes an immediate option. But one of the top concerns is whether or not it’s safe to use such services.

If you’re curious as to whether or not purchasing a paper online is something you need, keep reading to know what to look for in a reputable writing service.

The Truth About Essay Writing Services

The good news is that hiring an essay writing service is completely safe and legitimate, not to mention an indispensable way of helping you improve your grades.

Getting academic help from a professional writer is a perfectly valid choice, much like hiring a tutor or taking up special lessons. What’s important is that you understand what’s written in the paper.

Unfortunately, not all essay writing services are made equal. While some are safe to use, many companies are created for the sole purpose of scamming students - offering ridiculously cheap services but delivering low-quality papers that are riddled with plagiarized content. This will most definitely land you into trouble.

With that said, it’s important to know what to look for in an essay writing service, and how to avoid red flags so you won’t be accused of cheating or buying papers illegally.

What to Look For in an Essay Writing Service

Privacy and Anonymity Protection

Client confidentiality is a top priority among reputable writing services. Yes, they may request some personal info like the client’s full name, contact details, and email but this is so they could get in touch with them.

Client confidentiality is a top priority among reputable legit writing services. Yes, they may request some personal info like the client’s full name, contact details, and email but this is so they could get in touch with them.

Legitimate companies will protect all personal details and will never share them to third parties. Some services will even discourage their clients from sharing any private info when communicating with their assigned writer.

Direct and Open Line of Communication

Lack of communication between the client and writer is a common problem among many custom writing services, and it’s unacceptable. Clients should be able to have constant communication with their writer.

A trusted company typically has live chat or instant messaging feature that allows their clients to have direct and open line of communication with the assigned writer. Otherwise, you can contact customer support and ask up-front if it’s possible to have this level of communication.

Revision Policy

A reliable custom writing service should ideally be able to offer free revisions for a certain period of time. Again, this assures you that if you’re not pleased with their output, you can ask them to revise it for you. After all, you’re paying them with your own money and you deserve the best quality service, including requesting for revisions that are free of charge.

Original Papers and No Reselling

A trusted writing service has a team of skilled writers who are capable of writing papers from scratch. This means completely original, plagiarism-free papers that are not based off previously submitted or published works. Likewise, you need to watch out for sites that sell pre-written papers because you run the risk of getting caught for plagiarism.

Money-Back Guarantee

Another feature to look for is the company’s refund policy. A legal writing service will provide clients with such feature, giving them the option to get their money back in case they’re not fully satisfied with the final product.

Of course, some conditions apply to get the appropriate amount of refund. For example, you’ll be entitled to a partial refund if you’ve already approved your order prior to sending a refund request. Meanwhile, you can get a full refund if, say, the company fails to find a writer who can work on your paper.