Are Essay Writing Services Legal?

It’s no surprise that many students use essay writing services to ease their academic workload. However, a vast majority are still wondering if such services are legal or not. In this article, we’re going to explore its legalities and whether or not you should use essay writing services.

What You Should Know

The truth is, essay writing services are completely legal and there are many reasons to prove that:

Established Terms and Conditions

Credible writing services will have terms of service laid out on their website. Clients are expected to read and fully understand these terms and conditions before using their service and placing an order.

Once they agree to the terms of the company, they have to abide by the rules and accept their disclaimers. Basically, these are legal agreements and are presented for the user to review and accept. Otherwise, they can opt not to use their service at all.

Provision of Model Papers

Ideally, essay writing services are used to provide students with model papers. These companies would usually include a disclaimer on their website, reminding clients that the papers they produce are only for reference and/or research purposes.

With this, writing services absolve themselves from the pretense of academic cheating, like plagiarism. Customers should keep this in mind and use such services for the ethical purpose of receiving model papers to guide them with their own work.

This doesn’t sound illegal, does it?

So, who would benefit from this type of service?

  • Students who juggle their time between school and a part-time job who need to cover student loans.
  • Individuals who want to find balance between being a student and a parent.
  • Students who are looking to complete multiple degrees simultaneously.

These are just some of the many situations when a student that’s overwhelmed by various responsibilities, will require the help of an essay writing service. And such services are legally permitted to assist them.

On the other hand, some customers will choose to use purchased papers without replacing a single word and submitting it as is. This leads us to the next point.

Transfer of Ownership

Last but not the least is that most essay writing services will grant full ownership rights of the paper to the customer.

As a service provider, they will only deliver the order and transfer ownership of the paper over to the customer. In most cases, writers will approve that you, the customer, are the sole owner of a paper and that it will never be re-sold to another customer or third party.

Bottom Line

To sum it up, essay writing services are totally legal and safe in a sense that they provide academic assistance to students. This is by providing them with helpful materials (in this case, model papers) to help them polish up their own writing skills and thus, improve their grades. They are an indispensable tool for those who have many other responsibilities besides schoolwork.

Such writing companies operate legally, and do not violate any existing copyright or intellectual property laws. It’s the plain truth.

The best advice we could give is that you should simply stick to using them as a source for academic supplements. So the next time you decide to submit an essay you’ve ordered from a writing service, at least take some time to make changes and understand the context of the paper.